The smart-wave device is used to tighten tissue and enhance blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Shock-Wave Therapy at RMB

At the Regenerative Medicine of Buckhead, we are proud to offer innovative shockwave therapy to men with erectile dysfunction (ED). This treatment is also called acoustic wave therapy. It makes use of the body’s ability to repair itself. The waves radiate from the device into the body in order to tighten tissue and enhance blood flow to the genitalia.

Reasons to Consider Shock-Wave and How it Helps

This ED therapy is a regenerative medical solution. It allows weak or damaged tissue to recover naturally. If you cannot tolerate the side effects of ED drugs and do not want to deal with the aftermath of invasive surgery, this may be the right solution for you. Our physicians set up customized modules for accurate treatment of ED. The frequency of the acoustic waves and length of the treatment session is tailored to your situation. We use a durable applicator and a cutting-edge LED interface for optimal results.

The Shock-Wave system enhances blood flow to the genitalia. This promotes healing of damaged tissues. A lack of blood flow is associated with inability to achieve an erection or a less-than-full erection. Good blood flow also helps with the maintenance of an erection and delays ejaculation time. With this treatment, it is easier to achieve an erection and maintain it. The therapy also increases the level of sensation during arousal.

Why Shock-Wave Is the Right Choice

Most ED treatments do not provide a long-lasting solution. Male enhancement pills and drug injections are only a short-term fix. With Shock-Wave, we strive to permanently enhance circulation to the genitals. Stimulating the erectile tissue allows men to achieve and maintain an erection on their own without having to take medicines or try other interventions. By stimulating cells and growth factors, the Shock-Wave treatment leads to permanent improvements in blood circulation.

You should consider our Shock-Wave therapy for erectile dysfunction symptoms that frustrate you. If you have difficulty achieving an erection or maintaining it for the desired length of time, this treatment may help. We also recommend this treatment for men who want a fuller erection. The Shock-Wave treatment also works to correct the penile curvature associated with Peyronie’s disease. It does this by breaking apart the vascular plaque that causes the curvature.

To learn more about shockwave, and how we combine the power of PRP, and our Male Enhancement Device, contact us at the Regenerative Medicine of Buckhead.