PRP for Men

Platelet-Rich Plasma is used for men's sexual wellness and provides our patients with a regenerative solution for ED.

Why Platelet-Rich Plasma Works for Men’s Sexual Health

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) could have a lack of libido, difficulty maintaining arousal or premature ejaculation that causes frustration in the bedroom. While there are a lot of quick fixes that may remedy the situation for a short time, none of them are designed to correct the problem as a long-term solution. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a natural and long-lasting solution for men’s sexual health and wellness.

ED, a lack of libido and premature ejaculation are often caused by damage to the blood vessels that serve the genitals. This treatment allows those blood vessels and their supporting tissues to heal. The restoration of healthy tissue increases the sensitivity of your genitals and helps you maintain an erection that lasts for more time. The improved erection often includes a fuller erect penis size and an improvement in your bedroom performance. When your body cooperates with you, your confidence grows.

Natural Healing from Your Own Body

Every platelet in this therapy is from your own body, which is why it is called an autologous treatment. To begin the treatment, a small amount of blood is taken from your arm. The blood is centrifuged into its various components. The liquid portion contains blood-derived growth factors that attract stem cells to the point where they are injected. This improves blood flow to the genitals and promotes healing to the small blood vessels that make it possible to achieve and maintain an erection. The injection of the growth factor and the stimulation of stem cells improves blood flow and promotes better circulation. The result is less time to arousal and a fuller more dominant erection.

The Process of Injecting Platelets and What to Expect After the Treatment

The process of platelet injection is quick. You receiving numbing medication before the procedure. Because this is an autologous treatment, there is nothing in the therapy that will cause you to feel ill or cause your body to have a reaction. There is little to no risk of complications or side effects when you receive the injection. You can go home immediately after your procedure is finished. The numbness wears off in about an hour.

After you receive an injection of your own platelet and growth factor material, you can resume all of your regular activities. Many men want to test the treatment’s effectiveness as quickly as possible. Because this is a minimally invasive treatment, there is no need to deal with a long healing time. If you feel ready, you can test out these benefits on the same day as your injection. There is no need to wait. The therapy’s results are different for each man, but many enjoy a greater sense of arousal, longer-lasting and fuller erections and more sensations during intercourse.

We offer consultations so that you can learn more about PRP and its benefits for men’s health. To learn more about how platelets in plasma could help with your sexual health and wellness, contact us at Regenerative Medicine of Buckhead.