Frustration in the bedroom is a common concern as men age. Lack of libido, maintaining arousal during intercourse and premature ejaculation all exist as symptoms. Though embarrassing and viewed occasionally as to the state of a man’s attention, this isn’t the case. In fact, this medical condition is treatable through revolutionary platelet-rich plasma injections, known as PRP. Rather than utilizing foreign stem cells for stem cell therapy, the PRP in this process is completely derived from your own blood.

As a completely natural and long-lasting therapy solution, PRP is the key to maintaining active sexual health and wellness. Erectile dysfunction commonly referred to as ED, is often caused by disruption and damage to the blood vessels in genitalia. PRP promotes natural healing of these blood vessels and supporting tissues. This restoration provides increased sensitivity and supports a longer-lasting, healthier erection. With a fuller erect penis, improvement in the bedroom includes growing confidence that telescopes out into your everyday life.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Works for Men’s Sexual Health

PRP is an autologous therapy, with platelets derives completely from your own body. Unlike stem cell therapy which comes from umbilical cords, PRP draws a small amount of blood from your arm to start the process. After being separated into it’s varying components, the blood-derived liquid is then injected, improving blood flow to the genitals and promoting healing to the penile blood vessels and tissues. This increased blood flow is what instigates erection and helps return you to the path of recovery. The result is quicker arousal and a greatly increased erection.

Due to PRP being an autologous treatment, the injection is safe from illness transmission or rejection, as the treatment is derived from your own body. There is little to no risk involved in the procedure. As an out-patient procedure, you are able to leave for home as soon as it is completed.

Once the treatment is completed, you are free to resume your normal lifestyle. As it is minimally invasive, there is no long recovery time, only an hour or so for the topical numbing agent to wear off. In fact, if you are so inclined, you can test the results of the therapy the same day. Though each man’s results may vary and increases the sense of arousal, healthier and fuller erections and greater sensations are common during intercourse.

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