Male Enhancement

It poses far fewer risks to relieve ED through the pressure-controlled device than invasive treatment options such as prescription pills or painful surgical intervention.

Male Enhancement and Male Enhancement Technology

Men who suffer from ED sometimes have difficulty selecting a treatment that best suits them. Many times, the side effects of medications, or the lengthened recovery time from an invasive surgery can be inconvenient to deal with. There are many benefits to using these devices for treating the different symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
The technology of our vacuum pump – also known as the penis pump – the system is simple, yet highly effective. As part of a variety of male performance enhancement services, it offers a natural solution to achieving a satisfying erection. This completely non-invasive treatment enables you to avoid any side effects and risks of treatments. Designed to fit all sizes, our pumps can be used as often as needed without risk. These reasons make the vacuum pump system an excellent supplemental treatment to our Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments, alongside the Smart Wave® system.

How Male Enhancement Works and Helps

Luckily, this treatment works well to increase blood pressure which stimulates blood flow, allowing the tissues to widen and expand. The penis pump also increases the bond between the corporal tissue and its surrounding cells. Designed with the safety and comfort of the patient in mind, all vacuum pumps feature adjustable options for regulating pressure, inflation rate, deflation rate, decompression, etc. When combined with our Shock Wave system, patients notice that alongside an increase in blood flow, sensation during sexual intercourse also increases.
The purpose of our male enhancement device being combined with our shockwave system and PRP treatments is to not only permanently enhance circulation to the genitals, but also to stimulate the erectile tissue that enables men to keep an erection without any further medications or treatments involved. By stimulating certain cells, the combined Shock Wave, PRP treatments and male enhancement device inevitably create permanent enhancement in blood circulation.

The Benefits of Male Enhancement

As one of the safest options in treating erectile dysfunction, the pressure and frequency of use depends completely upon the patient. This solution is natural and makes use of the body’ inherent ability to heal blood vessels in the penis. Combining the vacuum pump with our other treatments can likely lead to penis enlargement, more sensitivity, and longer time to ejaculation. This male enhancement device technology can also remedy the curvature that is often caused by Peyronie’s disease.

Take control of your ED, and ask our doctors how you can combine the healing power of PRP, the Smart-Wave system, and the male enhancement device.

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