If you are looking for menopause help, improved sexual sensation, and relief from tension, Intensity is a natural and ideal solution.

How Intensity Works

After having a baby, many women feel as if their vaginas have lost tone. Childbirth can weaken the pelvic floor, leading to bladder leakage, loss of sensation during sexual stimulation and a loss of self-confidence. When women start to go through menopause, pleasure, and comfort during intercourse can also be a problem. Lower estrogen often results in a loss of muscle tone in the pelvis. Intensity is a device that women can use at home in order to strengthen and tone their pelvic floor muscles and vaginas. It is designed to restore sexual function and promote overall sexual wellness in women. If you are looking for menopause help, improved sexual sensation, and relief from tension, Intensity is a natural and ideal solution.

Intensity is a patented muscle stimulator. The internal probe and clitoral stimulator increase blood flow to your genitals. This blood flow enhances your sense of arousal. It also promotes an increase in natural lubrication, which is an important part of menopause help that will increase your comfort during intercourse. You control the depth of insertion and the speed and duration of stimulation.

When you use Intensity, you start at a low level of stimulation and work your way up to a more intense level. Regular use of Intensity strengthens your pelvic floor. It builds resistance in your vaginal walls, creating a sensation of more tightness and better tone. In a short time, you may notice an increased sense of arousal during sexual activity, increased orgasm, and less bladder leakage.

Features and Benefits of Using Intensity

Intensity’s internal probe is inflatable, allowing you to get a customized fit. It also includes an external probe for clitoral stimulation. With 10 levels of stimulation and five levels of dual vibration, you get a personalized experience each time you use it. A deflate button allows you to change the circumference of the probe at any time. Intensity is easy to take with you on-the-go, and it includes a pouch for storage.

By building a strong pelvic floor, Intensity enhances your intimate interactions. It also lowers your risk of pelvic organ prolapse. Intensity is compatible with all other sexual wellness therapies. You could combine it with PRP, radio frequency therapy and other treatments for pelvic floor strengthening and menopause symptoms. There are no side effects to Intensity, and you can use it as frequently as you desire.

Feel free to contact us or schedule your appointment with us today and see how Intensity can help get a handle on menopause.